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 troponin testing at the point of care: what is needed, and ...
Point-of-care testing (POCT) represents a viable opportunity for the timely measurement of cardiac troponin, but its analytical accuracy remains mandatory. Although a rapid testing process is required, it cannot impinge on diagnostic performance if patient care is to be safeguarded.

 contemporary point of care cardiac troponin testing in ...
Point of care compared with central laboratory testing for cardiac troponin in patients with suspected acute coronary syndrome. While the findings of Body et al are encouraging, there are important limitations to consider. First, the majority of patients were male (74.3%), and only those with symptoms for less than 12 hours were included.

TROPONINA I/MIOGLOBINA POINT-OF-CARE. Il test Troponina I/Mioglobina (TnI/Myo) di ADEXUSDx™ è un'analisi immunocromatografica utilizzata per rilevare quantitativamente la troponina I cardiaca umana e la mioglobina che eccede una determinata soglia nei campioni di sangue intero umano, plasma o siero.

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 impact of point-of-care troponin testing i point-of-care ...
Impact of Point-of-Care TRoponin testing on ED throughput and staff satisfaction The benefits of POC troponin testing on ED and laboratory efficiency, ED length of stay (LOS), and staff satisfaction were evaluated at Memorial Hospital Central*, a part of Memorial Health System in Colorado Springs, CO.

 roche - roche launches point-of-care (poc) troponin test ...
The CARDIAC point-of-care Troponin T test is standardized and compatible with the central laboratory test Elecsys cardiac Troponin T high-sensitive (cTnT-hs). After initial POC testing to diagnose patients in the ambulance (or GP’s office), it can then be used in combination with further testing using the Elecsys cTnT-hs test at the central laboratory in a hospital.

 point of care cardiac troponin i and t assay analytical ...
Point of Care Cardiac Troponin I and T Assay Analytical Characteristics Designated by Manufacturer IFCC Task Force on Clinical Applications of Cardiac Bio-Markers (TF-CB) v060617 Company/Platform/Assay LoB, µg/L LoD, µg/L % CV at 99th percentile Conc at 20% CV µg/L Conc at 10% CV µg/L Reference Population N, Ages, Sex 99th Percentile, µg/L

 implementation of point-of-care troponin t testing in ...
Point-of-care (POC) troponin T (TnT) testing can be implemented effectively in acute coronary syndromes (ACS) TnT assays are requested for patients with a relatively low suspicion of ACS; A lack of initial conviction is further evidenced by a failure to undertake further ischaemia assessment

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