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 presepsin - mechanism
These data suggest that the secretion mechanism of Presepsin depends on phagocytosis. Moreover, the production of Presepsin from granulocytes is prevented by asparagine protease inhibitor and treatment of sCD14 with Cathepsin D enzyme produces a 13kDa fragment of CD14, which can be detected by Presepsin ELISA . Presepsin induction is very rapid.

 presepsin as a novel sepsis biomarker - pubmed central (pmc)
Presepsin as a biomarker is not only suitable for the early diagnosis of sepsis, but also for the assessment of its severity and prognosis. In the ALBIOS trial, 100 patients with severe sepsis and septic shock were subjected to the assessment of the concentrations of presepsin and PCT.

Presepsin ha un’elevata correlazione con il grado di severità dell'infezione per risultati quantitativi proporzionalmente crescenti. Infatti dagli studi effettuati emerge una correlazione massima con il valore dello score SOFA (punteggio clinico più comune per la valutazione delle insufficienze d'organo).

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Usefulness of presepsin (sCD14-ST) measurements as a marker for the diagnosis and severity of sepsis that satisfied diagnostic criteria of systemic inflammatory response syndrome. J Infect Chemother. Presepsin (sCD14-ST): development and evaluation of one-step ELISA with a new standard that is similar to the form of presepsin in septic patients.

 presepsin: a promising biomarker for the detection of ...
Presepsin is an immunologic biomarker which has been demonstrated as new, emerging, early indicator for the detection of different infections. The biological function of presepsin is not well known. However, it is believed that it may be a regulatory molecule of the adaptive immune system and also a stimulator of monocyte phagocytosis.

 presepsin (soluble cd14 subtype) and procalcitonin levels ...
Sepsis, a leading cause of death in critically ill patients, is the result of complex interactions between the infecting microorganisms and the host responses that influence clinical outcomes. We evaluated the prognostic value of presepsin (sCD14-ST), a novel biomarker of bacterial infection, and compared it with procalcitonin (PCT).

 sysmex to launch hiscl™ presepsin assay kit for sepsis ...
The presepsin assay reagent helps achieve earlier diagnosis of bacterial sepsis and higher accuracy than is possible with conventional sepsis biomarkers. Moreover, through its addition to the reagent lineup, Sysmex aims to expand presepsin testing using the HISCL-Series.

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