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 presepsin as a diagnostic and prognostic biomarker of severe ... - nature
We aimed to develop presepsin as a marker of diagnosis of severe infections of either bacterial and viral origin. The derivation cohort was recruited from 173 hospitalized patients with acute ...

 presepsin: a promising biomarker for the detection of bacterial ...
Peptide Fragments. presepsin protein, human. Appropriate recognition of bacterial infections in health care setting is the basis for effective treatment and control of infectious diseases. The positivity rate of traditional methods is low and is influenced by quality and quantity of specimens, patient antibiotic administration, severity of inf ….

 presepsin as a diagnostic and prognostic biomarker in sepsis
Presepsin and the biomarker sTREM-1 were more sensitive for the diagnosis of sepsis in the ICU compared to procalcitonin and CRP, with the most accurate indicator being a composite biomarker of presepsin and sTREM-1. In patients diagnosed with sepsis, higher values of both biomarkers were associated with mortality.

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 presepsin - wikipedia
Presepsin is a soluble PRR. Presepsin in the circulation is an indicator of monocyte-macrophage activation in response to pathogens. Clinical relevance. Several clinical studies have demonstrated that presepsin is a specific and sensitive marker for the diagnosis, severity assessment and outcome prediction of sepsis.

 presepsin: a promising biomarker for the detection of bacterial ...
3. Measurement of presepsin. An presepsin assay kit using antibody and a special sandwich technique is useful for qualitative and quantitative measurement of presepsin with appropriate sensitivity and specificity [31].Firstly, a traditional two-step sandwich enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA) was used for the detection of presepsin by the recombinant CD14 (S286C) as standard within 4 h.

 presepsin: methods of measure, features and biomarker ... - springer
Presepsin values tend to decrease after 7 days in patients with positive blood culture and appropriate antibiotic therapy, while a high concentration of presepsin on the first day of hospitalization can be correlated to longer ICU hospitalization, prolonged mechanical ventilation, with a low grade of resolution of the infection and increased mortality (Kim et al. 2017).

 presepsin as a novel sepsis biomarker - pmc - national center for ...
Presepsin as a biomarker is not only suitable for the early diagnosis of sepsis, but also for the assessment of its severity and prognosis. In the ALBIOS trial, 100 patients with severe sepsis and septic shock were subjected to the assessment of the concentrations of presepsin and PCT.

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