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 troponin testing at the point of care: what is needed, and when?
point-of-care testing for ctn: why and how? The management of patients with chest pain is based on the well-known aphorism “time is muscle and time wasted is muscle lost”. Delays in diagnosis and appropriate treatment are associated with poor clinical outcomes and a recommendation to treat all AMI patients within 60 minutes of their arrival in the ED was made many years ago [16].

 troponina point of care
Point-of-care testing (POCT) represents a viable opportunity for the timely measurement of cardiac troponin, but its analytical accuracy remains mandatory. Although a rapid testing process is required, it cannot impinge on diagnostic performance if patient care is to be safeguarded. first point-of-care hs-troponin i assay matches lab-based ...

 first point-of-care hs-troponin i assay matches lab-based tests
Being able to do this at the point of care makes it even easier, proponents say. Europe converted over to mainly using high-sensitivity lab-based troponin tests a decade ago, Januzzi pointed out. It wasn’t until 2017 that the US Food and Drug Administration signed off on the first such option in the United States: the fifth-generation Elecsys Troponin T STAT assay (Roche),

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 comparison of point-of-care versus laboratory troponin testing in an ...
Background: There have been concerns regarding troponin results accuracy between point-of-care (POC) testing preformed in an emergency department (ED) setting and laboratory testing. The purpose of this study was to compare the results of cardiac troponin I testing as concerns POC testing and laboratory analysis as a way to show that these results are interchangeable.

 troponina i - informazioni e recensioni
TROPONINA I è un Dispositivo Medico (DM) della categoria Troponina i/t - test rapidi e "point of care" (CND W0102160703) prodotto dall'azienda DELTA CHEMIE BIOTECHNOLOGY SAS.

 how to choose a point‐of‐care testing for troponin - lin - 2020 ...
In the pre-hospital phase, POC cTn has helped in the triage of chest pain patients to the appropriate hospital facility. 30 Beyond hospitals, POC cTn has reduced costs from unnecessary referrals in primary care settings but at the expense of some missed cases of small or early myocardial infarction due to the limitation of assay sensitivity. 31 However, higher sensitivity POC cTn platforms are ...

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test troponina hs poct - gestione elettromedicali prodotti ... test troponina hs poct - gestione elettromedicali prodotti ... troponine point-of-care testing: wat schieten we er ... - poct Een geavanceerde troponine test, zoals de 5e generatie hoog-sensitief tropinine (hs-Tn) test, kenmerkt zich door een lage coëfficiënt van variatie rond het afkappunt en de potentie om absolute waardes te ...

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